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Current Version 2.8.4

Windows executable: TextTestExe.zip
Source code: TextTest.zip

TextTest requires the Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 Framework. Download it here.
This software is distributed under the New BSD License agreement.

TextTest++ ?

For an updated web-based version of TextTest whose analysis algorithms supersede those of TextTest, see TextTest++. Note that TextTest still works just fine, but TextTest++ is capable of producing more measures and imposes fewer constraints on entering text during evaluations.

About TextTest

TextTest is a Windows software application (*.exe) that contains everything needed to conduct rigorous text entry experiments and analyze the results. It offers a configurable testing interface, log-file writing in a simple XML format, log-file parsing and analysis, numerous state-of-the-art text entry measures, character-level error rate measures, and character-level confusion matrices. It comes with MacKenzie & Soukoreff's (2003) popular phrase set but can be used with custom phrases. TextTest is also capable of sending and receiving text over the network, including to/from other applications via TCP and to/from web pages via WebSockets. Two additional resources, TcpSendText.exe and TextTest.html, are provided to show each of these capabilities, respectively.

Where is StreamAnalyzer?

StreamAnalyzer was a separate program that partnered with TextTest to analyze the text entry logs TextTest produced. StreamAnalyzer has since been incorporated into TextTest, and can be accessed via TextTest's "Analyze" menu.


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