2014 Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar

Calling Young Scholars! 

Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your research and practice your job talk before you take the next step in your career? The graduate students of The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington are holding our annual summer seminar series featuring top young researchers in the field. We invite students near completion of their doctorate (within 6 months) and post-doctoral scholars that have not yet accepted their first permanent positions to apply. If selected by our graduate student panel, you will be awarded an all-expenses-paid (restricted to travel from US and Canada) trip to the University of Washington in Seattle to present your research. The top seminar speaker chosen by us, the graduate students at UW, will also receive a $500 cash prize.

To Apply:

1. Submit a single document (Last Name_First Name_Application.pdf) to dyss@uw.edu containing:

 1 page -  Abstract

◊ 2 page – Curriculum Vitae (CV)

2. Have a current or previous supervisor submit a letter of recommendation (Last Name_First Name_Letter.pdf) to dyss@uw.edu.

Important Dates:

◊ May 26th-  Deadline for Primary Consideration

◊ Early June – Decisions Finalized

◊ Jul-Aug - Presentations

Email attached files to:


Further Information:

Drumheller Fountain

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