ACES: Association of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students

2012 Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar

 Chris Wilmer

The 2012 winner for best DYSS seminar (selected by our students) is Chris Wilmer from Randall Snurr’s group at Northwestern University. His presentation was entitled The Algorithmic Exploration of “Building-Block” Chemistry




2012 Schedule of Speakers:

Date Speaker and Lecture Title
July 9 Scott Epstein
Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Irvine

The thermodynamics and chemistry of organic atmospheric particulate matter

July 16 Cheng-Chun Peng
University of California, Berkeley

Extended Ophthalmic Drug Delivery by Soft Contact Lenses

July 23 Kelly Schultz
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Colorado, Boulder

Microrheological characterization for biological applications and soft material design

July 30 Mohammad Fallahi-Sichani
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School

A multi-scale systems biology approach with tunable resolution for designing, testing and optimizing new therapies for tuberculosis

August 6 Charles Edward Sing
Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Blood Clotting-Inspired Polymer Physics

August 13 Chris Wilmer
Graduate Student, Northwestern University

Algorithmic Exploration of “Building-Block” Chemistry

August 19 Ying Diao
Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University

Directing Molecular Assembly at Interfaces for Pharmaceutical, Electronic and Energy Applications