ACES: Association of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students

2013 Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar

Dr. Sarah Perry

The 2013 winner for best DYSS seminar (selected by our students) is Dr. Sarah Perry from Mathew Tirrell’s group at the Molecular Engineering Institute at the University of Chicago.  Her presentation was entitled Stereoregularity Inhibits Complex Coacervation of Polypeptides.

Congratulations Dr. Perry!

2013 Schedule of Speakers:

Date   Speaker and Lecture Title
July 8 John Blazeck
Graduate Student, University of Texas – Austin

Converting Y. lipolytica into a platform for biofuel and biochemical production

July 15 Nan Yi
Postdoctoral Scholar, Yale University

Heterogeneous Catalysis for Sustainable Energy: Atomically Dispersed Metal Clusters for Hydrogen Production from Methanol and Formic Acid Reactions

July 22 Steven Caliari
Graduate Student, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

Spatially-graded collagen scaffolds for engineering orthopedic interfaces and regulating MSC fate

July 29 Andrew White
Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago

Development and application techniques to more closely unify molecular modeling and experiments for applications in biomaterials, protein modeling, and peptide structure-activity relationships

August 5 Wei Gao
Graduate Student, University of California – San Diego

Synthetic Micro/Nanomachines and Their Applications: Towards ‘Fantastic Voyage’

August 12 Sarah Perry
Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago

Stereoregularity Inhibits Complex Coacervation of Polypeptides

August 19 Shukla Diwakar
Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University

Cloud-based simulations on Google Exacycle provide novel mechanistic insights into conformational transitions in GPCRs and Kinases

August 26 Kimberly Stroka
Postdoctoral Scholar, Johns Hopkins University

Integration of microfabrication, molecular biology, biophysics, and microscopy techniques in order to understand mechanisms of cell migration, adhesion, and mechanotransduction in the context of metastatic cancer and cardiovascular disease.