Hello, and Happy Hump Day to You –

Last night at the UWACTU community meeting, we had an a fun time discussing spinal taps… believe it or not!

Our Director Dr. Ann Collier covered for us why someone might get a spinal tap, a.k.a. lumbar puncture (LP), as a part of primary care and why as a part of research, including 3 examples of how spinal taps have been used in HIV research to help us learn more about HIV and the brain.

Then Trudy Jones — our resident expert in spinal taps & old-school PowerPoint presentations — went into how we perform spinal taps and why some people get headaches (as well as how few have gotten them under her care!).

I for one have learned so much about primary care, biology, DNA, our brains, headaches, even crossword puzzles.

I also learned how noble some of our participants truly are, how giving of themselves, transforming their lives through service and participation in an HIV clinical trial.

I attached some of the slides for you, in case you were curious and wanted to learn more for yourself.

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