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AIDS WalK 2009 Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges for clinical research is to inform and educate a community about the important role that HIV/AIDS research plays in the development of new treatments. We need to make every effort to help people overcome the mistrust toward research and the sense of shame associated with this disease. More importantly, we need to make people realize that HIV affects people from all walks of life and the great relevance of cultural diversity in research. We must continue to emphasize that clinical research is the only way through which we can learn more about HIV and its complications in order to find and develop new and better treatments to manage it.

AIDS WalK 2009For this reason, our outreach program is committed to delivering information about HIV and AIDS research. Our program also includes prevention and educational events such as health fairs, conferences, and in-house services for clinics and case managers. The ACTU welcomes every opportunity to help in the education of our community through visits to local schools, colleges, universities, support and focus groups, and clinics to talk about the importance of diverse clinical research, issues surrounding transmission and prevention of HIV, and safe sex practices.

Our outreach program is is funded by the Division of AIDS of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a division of the National Institute of Health [NIH]. Our funds for outreach activities are limited and supplemented with charitable donations. All donations must be unrestricted (free of regulations and/or advertisement conditions). All donations are used for educational and informational purposes to increase knowledge and awareness of HIV in our community. We accept donations of items such as gift certificates, discount coupons, movie passes, etc., to be given as prizes at our outreach events. We also accept tax-deductible, cash donations made to: AIDS WALK 09

University of Washington Foundation/ACTU

Please mail your donations to:

ACTU AIDS Clinical Trials Unit
Outreach Coordination
325 9th Avenue, Box 359929
Seattle, WA 98102
(ACTU Tax Identification # 91-6001537)

The ACTU thanks you for supporting our efforts to inform and educate our community about the importance of HIV/AIDS clinical research.

CAB Meeting Information:

CAB Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the month from 5:30-6:45 PM in the ACTU conference room at the far end of the 2 West Clinic at Harborview Medical Center.

Dinner is provided and Parking in the Harborview garage can be reimbursed. Bus Tickets are also available.

2013 Schedule of CAB Meetings

  • January 22 : Cure with Keith Jerome

  • February 26: Stem Cell Transplants and HIV with Ann Woolfrey

  • March 26: What’s New? Update from CROI meeting

  • April 23: HIV Controllers with Julie Czartoski and Josh Barnes

  • May 28: Social Justice and PrEP with Joanne Stekler

  • June 25: New Treatments for Kaposi Sarcoma with Corey Casper

  • July 23: AMC (AIDS Malignancy Consortium) with David Aboulafia

  • August 27: To Be Announced

  • September 24: To Be Announced

  • October 22: To Be Announced

  • November 26: Community Appreciation

  • December -No Meeting

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