Hello Everyone –

Next Tuesday, we will be learning at our next community meeting more about the brain and HIV as we look at more findings from the CHARTER Study.

As well, we will be explaining and answering your questions about the one dreaded medical procedure used in this study that everybody thinks they know….

Our meeting will be held this coming Tuesday, February 25th at 5:30 PM in the ACTU Large Conference Room at Harborview (2 West Clinic, Desk B).

(A map to help you navigate the halls of HMC is attached to this email)

Our CHARTER study has really helped both patients and doctors understand how HIV affects the brain. It has shed more light on several problems associated with HIV and aging, including thinking and memory problems, as well as bone thinning and heart disease. This study has also helped us better understand the brain troubles that syphilis causes in people living with HIV.

We will be sharing more results from this study, as well as showing you what is really involved in one of the procedures that most of us only think we know: lumbar punctures, a.k.a. SPINAL TAPS.


As always, we will provide dinner for you.

We can also cover your parking at the HMC VIEW PARK garage. Just bring your parking ticket with you and we’ll give you a sticker or a pass that covers your time at the meeting.

We also have bus tickets available for those who’d like to use public transportation.

An RSVP to 206-744-3184 orby replying to this email will help me gauge food and seating needs, as well as if you need a bus ticket beforehand to get to the meeting.

Feel free to call or write me if you have any questions about this coming Tuesday, Feb 25th (206-744-3184)

Michael Louella

Outreach Coordinator/UW ACTU

CAB Coordinator / defeatHIV




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