Ann Collier, MD, DirectorAnnCollier_MagicJohnson

Born in Michigan, Dr. Collier attended Wellesley College for her undergraduate education and completed her degree at Dartmouth Medical School. She went on to intern at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill before finishing her medical residency and infectious disease fellowship at the University of Washington. In 1981, Dr. Collier saw her first AIDS patient in New Hampshire, who she assumed to be her last; she never thought she would see another patient the same symptoms. When Dr. Collier moved out to Seattle to complete her fellowship, she started to see an increasing number of patients with AIDS-related symptoms. From then on, she felt compelled to devoting her work to increasing the quality of treatments so that patients with this newly discovered disease could live their life with ease. Dr. Collier moved into research and helped start the UW AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) in 1987. Her motivation to better the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS can be seen in the various articles, journals, and studies she has authored. Seeing the feedback loop that starts from her work and is then seen in a patient’s progression keeps her in this particular field of research. Dr. Collier is a Professor at the UW School of Medicine, currently serves as the Director of the UW ACTU, and is the Associate Director of the UW/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Center for AIDS Research.


Chris Jonsson, Clinic ManagerCHRIS

Raised south of Seattle in Portland, Oregon, Chris started working at Harborview five day after she graduated high school in 1998. A few months later she started at the ACTU four days before she turned 18. During high school, Chris often volunteered in the Madison Clinic helping her mom who was the dietician as well as pharmacy and the front desk. During her time as a volunteer, Chris witnessed the announcement of the first protease inhibitor results at a Madison Clinic community meeting, and it was there when she fell in love with the mood and energy that circulated throughout the room. Although Chris has always been interested in the science behind HIV/AIDS research and enjoys hearing early information released in the clinic, her true passion is in business. She has recently graduated from Seattle University with a Healthcare Executive MBA, Chris runs the business end of the ACTU as the Clinic Manager, working on the grants, budgets, regulatory information, data, and helps coordinate the clinic’s staff.


Shelia Dunaway, MD, Clinical Assistant ProfessorIMG_0008

Dr. Dunaway earned her M.D. at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and went on to complete her internship, medical residency, and fellowship at the University of Maryland. Having always been interested in infectious diseases, Dr. Dunaway worked alongside an HIV doctor at the University of Maryland. There, she started treating patients who were beginning to be diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. Dr. Dunaway witnessed miraculous recoveries in patients; one patient who contracted HIV through drug use, was on the verge of death, and then was seemingly brought back from the grave by anti-retroviral therapy. In Maryland, Dr. Dunaway was given inspiration while working with kind patients who were devoted to turning their lives around. When her husband moved out to Seattle for the military, Dr. Dunaway got in contact with Dr. Collier, interviewed, and moved into her position working at here at the ACTU in 2003. She has stayed ever since and is currently working as a Clinical Assistant Professor for the ACTU.


Sher Storey, Physician AssistantSHER

Raised in the Midwest, Sher moved to the west coast where she graduated from the University of Southern California’s Primary Care Physician Assistant Program. She worked biefly in cardiac surgery and then returned to USC to teach and work at the LA County Hospital HIV/AIDS Clinic. Highly effective anti-retroviral combinations were being studied in patients. When the first treatments started to reach her clinic in Los Angeles, Sher witnessed the power of research as one patient, who was on the final days of his life, transitioned from being in a wheelchair to walking again. In 1997, she moved to Seattle and has worked here as a Physician Assistant in HIV/HCV/AIDS ever since. Besides loving her work, she loves her patients who inspire her every day with their dedication and display of human generosity.


Eric Helgeson, Research NurseERIC2010

Raised in Florida and Georgia, Eric moved out to Washington where he attended South Puget Sound Community College and Centralia College earning an Associate Degree in nursing.  When Eric graduated college in 1986, the AIDS epidemic started to gain greater attention and the devastation increased further. He overheard other nurses refusing to take care of HIV patients but Eric felt it was his duty was to treat everyone, after all, some of his dear friends had been diagnosed with HIV. After losing a close friend to the disease, Eric decided he could not deal with the losses hitting so close to home anymore, so he moved into staff relief in area hospitals on their surgical and orthopedic trauma floors. Three years on the trauma floor and Eric decided he was ready to move back into treating HIV and AIDS patients. He moved to the Madison Clinic for six years and then was recruited here to the ACTU as a Research Nurse in 2007. Eric’s return to the field was inspired by the people he has interacted with, the constantly refined medications, and his passion for the equal treatment of all.


Lindsay Legg, Research Referral NurseLINDSAY

Lindsay, born in Texas, earned her nursing degree from Bellingham Technical College and has been at the ACTU since 2011. After working in a nursing home, Lindsay moved to the Madison Clinic because she missed seeing the same patients for extended periods of time and seeing the impact research has had in their lives. From the Madison Clinic, Lindsay moved here where she currently works as a Research Referral Nurse for the Center of Aids Research and Global Health referring patients to ACTU studies, University of Washington studies, and other studies for researchers and organizations all of the United States. Lindsay loves constantly learning about HIV/AIDS and seeing the research studies from the beginning to the end and hopes to one day work on research in Africa.


Trudy Jones, Nurse Practitioner


Born locally at the former U.S. Naval Fort Lawton of North Seattle, Trudy has stayed dedicated to supporting her community ever since. Although she moved around constantly during her childhood with her father in the Navy, she ventured back to her hometown to attend and complete nursing school at the University of Washington. Trudy has worked in the Haborview Medical Center since 1987. She started close-by at the STD Clinic and then moved here to the ACTU in 1990. After a couple of years at the ACTU, Trudy moved across the hall to work as a nurse at the Madison Clinic. Finally, Trudy came back to work at the ACTU in 2002 as a Nurse Practitioner. She saw HIV/AIDS devastate the population early-on in her career as an Intensive Care Unit nurse, and has stayed to watch as the disease has transitioned into being considered as more of a chronic illness. Trudy’s driving factor for working at the ACTU has always been the patients who she loves spending time with, some of whom she has kept in touch with and worked with her career whole career.

Katrina Puckett, Lead Pharmacy Techniciankatrina2

A lifelong Seattle-ite, Katrina works at the ACTU as the Lead Pharmacy Technician and an Investigational Pharmacy Technician. She started working in Harborview’s pharmaceutical department in 1991 and, after two years, was recruited by her supervisor for an opening at the ACTU pharmacy. She turned down the job at first but her keen interest in research reminded her that this was a prime opportunity. Katrina accepted the job in ’93 when only two anti-retroviral therapy treatments were on the market. She has steadily seen new drugs come through her pharmacy and help better the health of patients. Since she has started, Katrina has been a valued member of the team and was sent to Peru to oversee the opening of a clinic pharmacy. She is motivated by her co-workers and the progress she has seen over her career in AIDS research.


Meredith Potochnic, Pharmacist of RecordMerideth

Meredith has worked in the ACTU pharmacy since 1997. During her residency at John Hopkins University, Meredith developed an interest in HIV care and investigational drugs. In her training, she was working with early studies looking at AZT as a means to treat HIV. Meredith stayed at John Hopkins to work with investigational drugs and HIV for a few years then decided it was time for a new city with both opportunities and a rock music scene. Meredith moved to Seattle and found her job here as a Pharmacist of Record. Working as a pharmacist for both the ACTU and the Madison Clinic, Meredith gets to see strides forward in HIV/AIDS treatment. To Meredith, it is a privilege to be a part of someone’s care and to try to find answers to questions unsolved. Working in an environment where people truly care about the well-being of their patients is also a big bonus for Meredith.


Mel Padullo, Lab ManagerMEL

Born nearby in Bremerton, Mel has worked at the ACTU since 2001. As a graphic arts major, Mel decided to shift directions when she found an opportunity for an opening here. Mel moved into the job as the ACTU’s Lab Manager. Aside from the serious side of the ACTU, Mel finds it hilarious here. The few patients she knows along with her co-workers and her great boss have kept Mel enjoying each day of her work at the ACTU.


Kevin Marble, Data Control TechnicianKEVIN

Kevin moved into his job as a Data Control Technician in 2004 after being connected by a friend with whom he attend school at the time. As a data tech, Kevin does our data entry, transcribing data from charts created by the clinicians after they have seen patients. Kevin discovered his natural knack for data entry and management, which hen put to work during his time here as he constantly records data from various studies. His stay has been motivated by his love for the work, the sense that he is contributing to constant effort to find the cure, and the great people that surround him at the ACTU.


Linda Page, VolunteerLINDA

Linda has been a member of ACTU team since 1995. Prior to coming here, Linda worked a long-term job at Planned Parenthood where she worked in family planning and was constantly giving STD tests. Right before she left, Linda was tasked with training staff on HIV when Planned Parenthood started conducting HIV testing. In a natural progression, Linda moved over to the ACTU as Dr. Collier’s assistant when the job opened up in ’95. Currently, Linda is retired and has been generous enough to devote her time as a Volunteer here. She maintains the study regulatory binder, sends protocol information to study sponsors, and drafts the forms to be sent to the Institutional Review Board (IRB).


Michael Louella, Outreach CoordinatorMICHAEL

Michael, previously living in New Orleans, decided to visit Washington where he ended up dancing in a tribal ceremony, and found a calling to move up to Seattle. The first place he set foot in Seattle was Harborview Medical Center on a mission to retrieve his roommate’s key from a friend who worked at the ACTU. In the act of retrieving the key, Michael saw an opening for a front desk job and swiftly moved into the position in 2000. His job quickly evolved from a one-task job into becoming Dr. Collier’s assistant, an administrator, and “the outreach man.” In Pennsylvania, Michael taught English to high-school students, and his teaching background comes to life here whether he is creating a brochure or educating the community on everything HIV and AIDS. When he worked at the front-desk, Michael saw patients come, adhere to their physician’s instructions, and leave – Michael noticed a lack of advocacy for the patients, so he decided to do something about it. He started informal focus groups, increased attendance at Community Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, and further educated every possible person on research and HIV. As the Outreach Coordinator, Michael’s ambition to change the way people see HIV, AIDS, and research can be seen in the strength of the community to which he tends.




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