Our design team applications have closed for the 2021-2022 cycle.

If you want to stay up to date with the design program, please consider attending our design reviews, hosted at the beginning of Winter and Spring quarters! 

Mission Statement: 

Foster an inclusive, sustainable, and multidisciplinary community supporting accessible design and play technology through: 

♦ Creating student design teams partnered with community co-designers who have disabilities

♦ Teaching students the philosophy of needs-based design and prototyping to generate functional solutions for individuals with disabilities

What do design teams do? 

Design teams collaborate with individuals from the community, oftentimes clinicians, to define accessibility-related challenges. Student teams work together typically for 3 academic quarters to brainstorm a solution and then prototype a design. These solutions could be 3D-printed devices, mobile phone apps, or adapted sports equipment, just to name a few.

Each individual is unique in the challenges they face, so HuskyADAPT aims to develop solutions tailored to specific needs and interests. When commercial solutions aren't appropriate (or maybe don't exist), our student teams are up for the challenge to make our community a more accessible place.