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  • The Definitive Search for Dark Matter Axions

    Some ADMX experimenters (left to right) Gray Rybka, Christian Boutan, Andrew Wagner, Leslie Rosenberg and Michael Hotz.

    ADMX cryostat/magnet installation at the University of Washington/CENPA in June 2011.

    Fun with high magnetic fields. Gray Rybka demonstrating Faraday's Law by letting a copper ring slowly fall.

    Future Sensitivity

    An amusing video of the large ADMX cryostat being unloaded at the CENPA facility at the University of Washington.


    ADMX is sited at the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics (CENPA) at the University of Washington. This is a Department of Energy "Center of Excellence".

    ADMX also makes use of facilities at collaborating institutions, including LLNL, University of Florida, UC Berkeley and NRAO/UVa.