Master Adviser Program Requirements

  1. Attend the following workshops
  2. Attend three additional advising-related workshops
    • You may choose any workshop that will inform and enhance your advising practice.
  3. Complete one experiential learning opportunity
    • Serve on the AEP or APAC board.
    • Plan or present at an Advising Summit, a brownbag event, or an advising-related conference.
    • Shadow another adviser in a different environment than your own unit in a short-term "exchange" (one-half to two-day).
    • Mentor another adviser formally for a quarter (required monthly communication, though more may prove more useful). AEP can assist in helping you find an adviser looking for a mentor.
    • Suggest your own experiential learning component to the AEP board. We are happy to help with ideas.
  4. Fill out the Master Adviser Report Form
    • Use the Master Adviser Report Form to record what you learn at each workshop or activity.
    • Turn in completed forms to the AEP coordinator.
  5. Certification complete!
    • NEW! As of October 15, 2012 and until further notice, advisers completing the Master Adviser Program will receive a paid membership in APAC for one year!
    • Your name will be listed on the AEP website.
    • Your supervisor will be notified.
    • You will be presented with a certificate of completion at an All Advisers' Meeting.