Adviser Education Program


The goal of the Adviser Education Program is to contribute to the expertise of University of Washington advisers and to enhance their professional development. The program accomplishes this through support for training and professional development activities related to advising.


  • To provide, promote, and improve professional development opportunities for the advising community
  • To enhance collaboration and exchange of professional information among advisers and counselors;
  • To provide training for University of Washington advisers
  • To collaborate with and support other university advising associations


The Adviser Education program provides the advising campus community with the following programming:

  • Advising Basics: a training provides for new advisers. Provides participants with an introduction to UW advising, an understanding of the undergraduate student’s academic path, issues and policies around struggling students, a brief introduction to key tools, and connecting advisors to key resources.
  • Master Adviser Program: an advanced training for more experienced advisers. Provides participants with the opportunity to reflect upon, improve, and hone their advising practice.
  • Brown Bag Workshops: quarterly workshops put on in conjunction with APAC (Association of Professional Advisers and Counselors). These workshops are on topical issues that face advisers.
  • Annual Advising Summit: an annual conference co-sponsored by AEP, APAC, GPAA (Graduate and Professional Adviser Association). This conference consists of a keynote speaker and a variety of topical breakout sessions designed to support adviser professional development.

Scheduled Events

Visit the Events page to view a list of upcoming activities, including sessions of Undergraduate Advising Basics and the Master Adviser Workshop.