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Asian/Pacific American Studies Courses

Course Number Course Title
Introduction to Asian American Cultures
Contemporary Issues of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
Asian American and Pacific Islander American Identity: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture
Asian American Stereotypes in the Media
AAS 250 Asian American Oral Histories
U.S. Pacific Islander Contemporary Culture
AAS 310 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Pacific Northwest
Ethnography, Transnationalism and Community in Island Southeast Asian/Asian America
Hawai'i's Literatures
Asian American Theater
Critical Overseas Chinese/Chinese American Histories
Critical Filipino-American Histories
Japanese Americans: Race, Culture, Discrimination, Gender, and Endurance
American Internment and Incarceration: Race, Discrimination, and Power
Asian American Community: Discrimination, Power, and Affirmation
Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans: Race, Law, and Justice
Asian American and Pacific Islander Women
Critical Studies of Post-Vietnam War Southeast Asian Americans: Not Just Refugees
Asian American Literature to the 1940s
Contemporary Asian American Literature
AAS 403 Survey of Asian American Poetry
Asian American Activism
Special Topics in Asian American Studies
Independent Study and Research

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