American Ethnic Studies Courses

AES 150

Introductory History of American Ethnic Groups

AES 151

Introduction to the Cultures of American Ethnic Groups

AES 211 Environmental Justice
AES 212

Comparative American Ethnic Literature

AES 250

Race in the American University

AES 322

Race, Class, and Gender

AES 330 Beyond Civil Rights: Law, Culture, and Change
AES 333

Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. Military

AES 335 Sports and Social Change in the Twentieth Century
AES 340 Race, Ethnicity, and Education
AES 361

Ethnicity, Business, Unions, and Society

AES 389 Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Media
Music in American Cultures

Comparative Ethnic Race Relations in the Americas

AES 462 Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations
Cultures and Politics of Environmental Justice
AES 489

Ethnicity, Gender, and Media

AES 490 Representing Beyond the Binaries: Mixing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media
AES 494

Community Practicum and Internship

AES 496

Senior Thesis

AES 498

Special Topics in American Ethnic Studies

AES 499

Independent Study and Research