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African American Studies Courses

Course Number Course Title
AFRAM 101 Introduction to African American Studies
Introduction to African American History
AFRAM 214 Survey of African American Literature
AFRAM 220 African American Film Studies
AFRAM 246 African American Politics
AFRAM 260 African American Family
AFRAM 261 The African American Experience Through Literature
AFRAM 270 The Jazz Age
AFRAM 272 History of the South Since the Civil War
AFRAM 315 Black Identities and Political Power
AFRAM 318 Black Literary Genres
AFRAM 320 Black Women in Drama
AFRAM 321 History of Afro American Women and the Feminist Movement
AFRAM 330 Music, Folklore, and Performance in Black Society
AFRAM 334 Civil Rights and Black Power in the United States
AFRAM 337 Music and Social Change in the Sixties Era
AFRAM 340 The Harlem Renaissance: A Literary Study
AFRAM 350 Black Aesthetics
AFRAM 358 Literature of Black Americans
AFRAM 370 Afro American Political Thought
AFRAM 437 Blacks in American Law
AFRAM 498 Special Topics in African American Studies
AFRAM 499 Independent Study and Research

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