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Chicano Studies Courses

Course Number Course Title
Introduction to Chicano Studies
CHSTU 180 History of the Chicano People to 1848
CHSTU 200 Latinos in the United States
CHSTU 254 Northwest Latinos: History, Community, Culture
CHSTU 255 Mexican Women: Past and Present
CHSTU 256 Chicanas: Gender and Race Issues
CHSTU 260 Introduction to Chicano Politics
CHSTU 320 Food Sovereignty Movements in Mexico and the United States
CHSTU 330 Chicano/Chicana Autobiography
CHSTU 332 Chicano Film and Narrative
CHSTU 342 Working Latinas and Latinos: Changing Sites of Identity in Daily Life
Latina/Latino Theater
CHSTU 352 Mexican Immigration: A Comparative Analysis
CHSTU 354 Unions, Labor & Civil Rights in California & Pacific Northwest Agriculture
CHSTU 356 The Chicano Family
CHSTU 359 U.S. Latino Politics
CHSTU 405 Advanced Chicano Studies
Comparative Social Movements: Mexico and the United States
CHSTU 465 Contemporary Chicano Literature
CHSTU 466 Chicano Literature: Fiction
CHSTU 498 Special Topics in Chicano Studies
CHSTU 499 Independent Study and Research

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