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SWA 101102, 103 - Basic Swahili
SWA 201202203 - Intermediate Swahili
SWA 134 - Intensive Basic Swahili

TAGLG 101102103 - Basic Tagalog 
TAGLG 201202203 - Intermediate Tagalog
TAGLG 301302303 - Advanced Tagalog
TAGLG 134 - Intensive Basic Tagalog

These language sequences are very successful related offerings of Afro-American Studies and Asian American Studies. Undergraduate and graduate students use these courses to satisfy language requirements.

Tagalog Placement Interviews determine which Tagalog course level is appropriate for your existing language competencies. Placement interviews in Tagalog cannot be used to waive language requirements. No credits are given for taking these exams.

Tagalog Proficiency Exams are used to satisfy or waive foreign language requirements. This is also to test what an applicant should know after one year of Tagalog instruction, or the equivalent of Novice-High or Intermediate-Low levels. Please contact the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) for more information such as schedules and pricing for Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

Language Testing International (LTI)
445 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 1104
White Plains, NY 10601
Tel: (914) 963-7110x310
Fax: (914) 963-7113

Swahili Placement Interviews and Proficiency Exams - contact Instructor:
Jacqueline Waita

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