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Arnold Air Society

“The warrior who cultivates his mind, polishes his arms”

The Arnold Air Society (AAS), named for General Henry "Hap" Arnold, is a professional honorary service organization of selected Air Force ROTC cadets from approximately 150 of the nation's colleges and universities, including the Air Force Academy. AAS is a private, non-profit group with approximately 3,000 cadet members.

AAS was formed at the University of Cincinnati as a local organization in October, 1947. In 1948, the United States Air Force officially recognized AAS and issued official regulations encouraging and authorizing Air Force support of the organization. In 1950, the Arnold Air Society became affiliated with the Air Force Association.

AAS provides cadets with leadership, organizational, and public relations opportunities. Cadets are also given the opportunity of meeting and interacting with cadets from across the country. Cadets are encouraged to communicate with local government and business leaders, as well as the Air Force Association.


To aid in the development of effective Air Force officers.
To create a closer and more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates.
To further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United States Air Force.
To support aerospace power and its role in national security.

AAS accomplishes its goals by carrying out projects in the local community that serve the disadvantaged, foster environmental awareness, and promote awareness of the plight of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action. Service projects range from Joint National Projects, which are established at the national convention each year, to local community or campus service projects.

Each semester every GMC cadet who is in good standing has the opportunity to undergo the candidate training process. The goal of candidate training is to be inducted into Arnold Air Society as members. Each candidate will be given advanced training in Drill and Ceremonies plus Warrior and Arnold Air Society knowledge. This intense ten weeks of training will prepare the candidates to accept the rank of Arnold Air Society cadet 2nd Lieutenants.

At the climax of the training process each candidate is required to take a nationwide entrance exam to be informally accepted into Arnold Air Society. However after the candidates have passed the exam, they will participate in an Extended Training Exercise putting all of their newly acquired skills in leadership and Drill and Ceremonies to the test. Once each candidate has completed ETE they will officially be inducted into the professional honorary service organization known as Arnold Air Society.

Due to Privacy Act considerations the AFROTC detachment may not link to the Arnold Air Society National Website. The organization Web page may be successfully searched on your internet search engines.

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