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10 things you didn’t know about UW history (Part 2)

Drum roll, please.

Here are the remaining five things you probably didn’t know about UW history. See the first five here. Remember, the UW Alumni Association’s interactive timeline launches Sept. 23. Enjoy!

5) Hook ’em, Dawgs
From 1908-1916, the Huskies were a football juggernaut, going 58-0-3 under head coach Gil Dobie. Everywhere they went, UW fans brought with them an item that symbolized the might of Husky football: the hook. Introduced by yell leader Bill Horsley in 1911, the 10-foot-tall oak hook was carried to each UW football game as a symbol of the Huskies’ dominance. Eventually, the hook (pictured above) was fitted for chains and guarded by members of the “W” club. But no one knows what became of it.

4) Banned from campus
The UW Alumni Association was banned from campus in 1928. When Regents appointed by Governor Roland Hartley fired UW President Henry Suzzallo in October 1926, tempers flared across campus and students called for a strike. The UWAA and others tried to oust Hartley through a recall initiative, but the effort failed to get the required number of signatures and two years later UW officials told the association to leave campus. The ban lasted six years until 1934.

3) Logging on
Long before the Tyee, the UW’s student yearbook was called “The Log” because it was carved out of, you guessed it, a log from an alder tree. The year was 1894 and students were invited to write their names on the log’s pages, which were small rectangular pieces of wood housed inside the carved-out center of the log. This was used for only one year, as the yearbook became a traditional volume that could be carried around, autographed and kept on a bookshelf. “The Log” is housed in the Special Collections Department in the basement of Allen Library.

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Dawg Treats: Weekly links to UW stories

Each week, we’ll gather stories and links about the University of Washington that may be of interest to you. Our aim is to become a hub for Huskies on the web and Dawg Treats is your connection to everything UW.

Without further adieu:

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Looking for a job? You’ve come to the right place

One of the best things about being a UW graduate is feeling like you’re part of something special. The University of Washington is an amazing place full of amazing people, many of whom stick together. That’s one of the main reasons our career services team works hard to compile job listings and tips for UW alumni each month.

This new program is called Career Services Alerts and it’s free to sign up. There’s no catch, and every month we’ll share with you job openings from employers especially interested in hiring Huskies. Plus, you’ll get networking and job search tips, upcoming events, career-related articles and plenty of resources.

No reason not to if you want to see what’s out there.

Sign up for Career Services Alerts!

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10 things you didn’t know about UW history (Part 1)

Next month, the UW Alumni Association will debut an interactive timeline that puts your story next to 149 years of UW history. Disposable diapers, Baskin-Robbins and MySpace were all created by UW grads, but your piece of the story is just as important as theirs.

After all, what’s a world-class university without its alumni and friends.

That said, let’s take a trip down memory lane. From the Sept. 2004 issue of Columns, here are five things you probably didn’t know about UW history. We’ll recap the other five next week.

10) Down and dirty
Unofficially dubbed the “World’s First Trash-In,” Feb. 26, 1970 was a memorable day on the UW campus. Students were invited to bring trash from home as well as from the surrounding U District to special bins in front of the HUB. The items were to be separated into different categories (paper, plastic, glass and metal) and returned to the original producers with the request that they be reprocessed. The “trash-in” emphasized the excess of American life and helped boost Seattle’s recycling revolution.

9) UW Vikings
Washington’s athletic teams were nicknamed the Vikings for a short time in 1922. That came about when students wanted to dump the unpopular moniker Sun Dodgers but couldn’t come up with anything else. So, during semester break in December 1921, officials decided to go with Vikings. When the students returned to campus, however, they immediately protested the name change and the UW became the Huskies a few months later.

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Dubs makes his television debut


This has been online for a few weeks now but it’s so good you just have to see it. Dubs is the UW’s live mascot and he’s all grown up. Catch his stellar television debut in this commercial promoting Husky football Saturdays. I think it’s great that Dubs is out there like this. He’s one of the most popular figures on campus, after all.

For more Dubs, check out this behind-the-scenes video.


Columns Extra: Jake Locker interview

In June, I interviewed Washington quarterback Jake Locker for Columns magazine. Being the cover story, I wanted to do something different as many of the stories written about Jake this summer have been similar—he passed on the NFL Draft and is back at the UW for his senior season.

I felt Columns, as the University of Washington’s alumni magazine, should do a story that in five years is still a good read. So I wrote about Jake’s charity work. His enthusiasm for working with hospitalized children is inspiring, and it was clear during our interview that he was happy to talk about the work he does off the field.

Don’t miss the full story when Columns drops the first week of September. In the meantime, here are a few extras exclusive to Blog Down to Washington:

When did you first get involved in helping sick children?
Growing up in the family and the community I did in Ferndale, you looked out for other people. It was very community-based. When families needed help, you helped them. I think that was instilled in us from a very young age.

Are the children you get to know a big influence on you?
I’ve always said that I learn more from them than they learn from me. The way they look at it, the way they approach it, they’re always so strong. It’s not going to beat them, and they don’t feel sorry for themselves. To me, that’s amazing. Even if it’s a 6-year-old kid it’s like, hey, this is what I’m dealing with and I’m going to make the most of it and enjoy my life. It’s helped to shape who I am and how I live my life. If they can do it, why can’t I? What’s holding me back from really truly enjoying life every day if they’re able to do it in the situations they’re in? That’s the satisfaction I get out of it.

Has your outlook on football changed because of these experiences?
I’m as competitive a person as you can find. I love playing football and I’ll do it as long as I can. But I do understand there’s a lot more important things in life. At the end of the day, it’s just a game and that’s how you should treat it. You should have fun with it, you should enjoy it, do everything you can to win the game. But also understand that if you lose it’s not the end of the world. Life goes on. There’s other things you need to deal with and will be faced with. Those are the times when the lessons they have taught me really come back.

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Beat the heat with member deals on concerts, golf


Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

It looks like we’re past the 90-degree heat here in Seattle, but there is still plenty of summer left and we have some great outdoors opportunities coming up for UW Alumni Association members.

Save more than $40 on tickets to a pair of Marymoor summer concerts when you purchase 2-for-1 passes to the No Depression Festival on Saturday, Aug. 21 and the Doobie Brothers on Thursday, Aug. 26. No Depression has The Swell Season, Lucinda Williams, The Cave Singers, Punch Brothers, Alejandro Escovedo, Chuck Prophet and Sera Cahoone. The Doobie Brothers, of course, are classic rock legends.

Members also save big at Washington National Golf Course during the month of August. Show your membership card and enjoy 20% off the Monday-Thursday rate, while members playing the course Friday-Sunday get a free appetizer after their round. There is also 10% off all Husky merchandise in the golf shop.

Stay tuned for more great member benefits. Enjoy your summer, Huskies!

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Is it art? A colorful story in the U District

Most people who spent time at the UW know about Tubs, the semi-infamous business on the corner of 50th and Roosevelt that offered hot tubs by the hour. Of course, the cleanliness of the private tubs was always a subject of spirited debate.

In 2007, Tubs went to the big sauna in the sky. The intention was to turn the building into condominiums, but the down economy has meant the building has stood vacant since then. Not surprisingly, an empty building would occasionally get tagged with graffiti. In 2009, a local artist collective, Free Sheep Foundation, got permission to create a temporary art installation. They invited graffiti artists to decorate both the inside and outside of the building.

As you can imagine, there’s still no evidence they are moving ahead with the condos. With the owner’s approval, the building has become a magnet for graffiti artists and taggers—all four walls are covered with a constantly changing mural (or unsightly mess, depending on your perspective).

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