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Archives: August, 2010

Chewing up our rivals with catchy button slogans

Each year at this time, a few lucky staff members from the UW Alumni Association barricade themselves in a room and secretly choose the new button slogans for the upcoming football season. It’s the best “meeting” of the year. It’s also an important one, as these are the slogans that grace our gameday buttons each season.

I’m sure you’ve seen them at the Huskies’ road games. Ore-goners. Level the Devils. Leave the Bruins in Ruins. These buttons have been a UWAA tradition since the mid-1990s and many Husky faithful have been collecting them for years at our Washington Warm Ups. This year, we’ve partnered with University Book Store to bring you gameday buttons at BOTH home and away games. You’re welcome.

While we can’t reveal the newest button slogans just yet (it’s a surprise), here is a look back at some of the very best slogans from years past. This is Husky history, smack talk-style. Enjoy!

Schools listed are included on the Huskies’ 2010 football schedule:

BYU Cougars
Proud to be Purple in Provo (1999)
B.Y. Who? (1997)

Syracuse Orange
Orange You Glad You’re a Husky?! (2007)

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Huskies Invade the Heartland (1998)

USC Trojans
Helen was a Husky! (2008)
All Fail USC (2004)
Conquer Troy! (1998)

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U District dog defender gets the geese

Photo by Patrick Riley of The Daily.

If you’ve been on the UW Seattle campus in recent years, you’ve probably noticed the geese. They’ve taken a liking to our fair campus and have made themselves right at home. Unfortunately, they leave lots of droppings in their wake.

The Daily has a great story about Tom Finnelly and his dog Jerry. The short-haired pointer loves chasing geese and has proved to be much better at scaring them away than the variety of methods previously used, including scarecrows and grape juice extract. A casual conversation with outgoing UW President Mark Emmert led to Tom and Jerry becoming goose patrol superstars.

Via U District Daily. Photo by Patrick Riley, The Daily.

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