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UW credit cards: Student data is not shared with banks

Alumni and friends,

A recent news report confused the national story about credit card companies and student data with the UW’s program that is focused entirely on alumni.

The UW’s affinity credit card program has never been promoted directly to students and at no time has student information been shared, sold or distributed by the UW or UW Alumni Association.

The UW and Bank of America are partners in promoting the UW’s official credit card to alumni. Select alumni information is used for this specific purpose and the UW retains ownership of all alumni information. At no point does Bank of America retain use of this information for purposes other than promoting the UW’s official credit, checking and debit programs through mailings and promotional efforts that are individually approved by the UW Alumni Association.

I welcome your thoughts. I will answer your questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Paul Rucker, ’95, ’02
Executive Director, UW Alumni Association


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