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Alumni vote on top reasons to love the UW

Red Square at University of Washington
Last week, we asked UW Alumni Association staff and friends on Facebook to help us out with a membership project.

We’re on the way to 60,000 members—a new record for our organization—and we’re focused on telling the stories of why alumni, friends and fans love the UW.

Here’s what everyone decided upon, in no particular order. There were about 15 choices, and this is the top six including a write-in vote for “beautiful campus,” which I can’t believe we left off the list in the first place. Kudos to you guys for adding what is obviously a top reason to love the University of Washington. Your favorite reasons to love the UW are:

  • You went there.
  • Husky football, basketball and other sports.
  • UW drives 70,000 jobs in Washington and is the third largest employer in the state behind Boeing and Microsoft.
  • The UW is researching the critical issues of our time. Kidney dialysis, color TV and the Hepatitis B vaccine are all products of UW research.
  • UW educates nearly 100,000 people and UW Medicine treats more than 1.4 million patients each year.
  • Is there a more beautiful campus in the United States?

And here are a few more write-in votes:

I picked up valuable life skills beyond the classroom.

Where would you be without it?

The BEAUTIFUL campus!!! (And a super cute mascot.)

Because it’s beautiful. It has diverse architecture, scenic views and gorgeous landscaping. Who else has something like Rainier Vista on a clear day?

The city of Seattle and the University of Washington are intertwined. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest provides the perfect backdrop for a great university as well.

The UW fosters a great community of people working together for a better future.

Purple & Gold! Best color combo. 

UW Bothell and UW Tacoma open even more doors to those looking for a world-class education.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out. Your feelings and insights are valuable, and we’re excited to share your reasons to love the UW with future members.

Any others we are forgetting?

Please share your reasons to love the UW below.

Photo by David Hogan.


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