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Going backstage with Arts Dawg

I never imagined that my coworkers would try to set me up on a date, let alone six dates. Not just that, but that I would be tasked with blogging about each date. But, over the next six months, that’s exactly what will happen.

The idea started when a few of us in the Alumni Association talked about the Arts Dawg ticket package as a great date night. With six great campus arts events, pre-show receptions, and backstage talks with the brains behind the productions, the package would be a treat for any arts-loving couple.

That’s when my coworkers suggested that I take a date to each performance and write about the experience afterward. After a bit of cajoling, I went with along with the idea.

You’re probably wondering who I am by now. My name is Matt, and I recently moved to Seattle from the Portland area, where I spent the previous seven years with my local newspaper. I enjoy hiking, watching the TV series “Community,” and going to Paseo Caribbean Restaurant in Ballard.

Along the way, I will write about the dates, sure. But more importantly, I will write about the Arts Dawg experience, which includes six great performances.

  • Dance: Featuring choreography from UW Dance faculty, “Faculty Dance/Collaborations” will spotlight performances by undergraduate students and guests. “Collaborations” includes Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” and José Limón’s “Dances for Isadora.”
  • Music: The University Symphony, directed by Seattle Symphony Music Director Ludovic Morlot, will perform Ravel’s “Daphnis et Chloe, Suite No. 2.” The concert will mark Morlot’s first appearance as UW affiliate professor of music.
  • UW World Series: Portuguese fado, a poetic, expressive style of music, is in the midst of a renaissance, and singer Ana Moura is leading the way. Moura has collaborated with the likes of Prince and the Rolling Stones, transcending language barriers and inspiring audiences in the process.
  • Drama: The School of Drama’s production, “Once Upon a Time 6x in the West,” puts a dramatic twist on the Western. The new work will be adapted in six sections, each devoted to an iconic director who has broken new ground in storytelling and theater.
  • Exhibit: Can you imagine life without plastics? The incredible material first appeared 50 years ago and has become an indelible part of everyday life. “Plastics Unwrapped,” a new exhibit from the Burke Museum, will explore how culture has been changed by plastics.
  • Art: Check out the culminating exhibition for graduating Master of Fine Arts and Master of Design students.

Over the next six months, I’ll take you inside the UW arts scene, share some of the cool events on campus, and detail this season’s eclectic performance lineup. So stay tuned for in-depth coverage – and tips for planning a great date – once the curtain rises on this great deal.

Update: Read below for previews of each performance, along with recaps of each date, as they happen:


University Symphony:

UW World Series:

UW Drama:


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