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UW Alumni Group on LinkedIn passes 15,000 members

The University of Washington Alumni Group on LinkedIn has passed the 15,000-member milestone. That’s a huge number and speaks volumes about what alumni want. You want to stay connected to the UW and to each other. LinkedIn makes that easy for career minded graduates.

A special thanks to our partner Keoke Silvano, a re-entry counselor at the UW’s Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity. He founded the Alumni Group on LinkedIn and later teamed with the UW Alumni Association to grow it into a force for Huskies online.

In recognition of the 15,000 members who are making this group the resource it is today, our team wanted to share a few submissions from your fellow alums and others in the UW community that tell the story of what LinkedIn is about.

I’m a Husky alum living in enemy territory (Eugene, OR)! Just getting started with LinkedIn and would like to show my support of the DAWGS!
Carol Stineman, ’86

I met my wife at UW. My daughter Jenny, brother Michael and sister-in-law Diane are all UW grads. I am the Dawg Pack leader for my family. I volunteer at University of Washington Medical Center in the patient/family Intensive Care Unit. Had a heart transplant at UWMC and owe so much of my life experiences to UW. Go Dawgs!
Turner Prewitt, ’76

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Columns: In Praise of Interns

I had an internship when I was in college. Actually, I had many. There was the time I helped produce video for a golf tournament in Arizona (and interviewed Jack Nicklaus along the way.) There was the radio station internship I held when the O.J. Simpson chase went down. Then, there was the semester I spent working for a literary magazine, perusing submissions from everyone from fledgling writers to well-published ones. I also spent time reading the sometimes violent, sometimes erratic, sometimes eloquent poems and stories that came postmarked “state penitentiary.” I learned a lot about generosity in that internship and, though it was more than 20 years ago, it still has an impact on my career. That internship taught me to read more carefully; to respond to writers with kindness.

Interns are the lifeblood for many an organization, large or small, and especially magazines. Gone are the days of fetching coffee: Kids these days are fact checking copy and making sure everything we print is true and accurate. They’re teaching the staff how to better use social media, hitting the streets and interviewing restaurant patrons and voters in line, and blogging stories that may not make the print version of a magazine. And, they write. Lindsey, our most recent intern, received a nod of the head for the work she did this summer, but the truth is she touched every page of the magazine and wrote most of the Hub section.

Then, there’s the amazing Journalism Foreign Intrigue Scholarship which Communication Chair David Domke told me about the other day. Every summer, a handful of UW Communication undergrads are cast off to the far corners of the globe—this past year to Phnom Penh Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Chile and Kenya—where each works as an intern reporter at a foreign newspaper. (Perhaps a Columns story from next summer’s students in the future?) Oh, to be 20 again…

Intern season has begun again and magazines across this city—including Columns—are scrambling to attract the best and brightest. We can’t wait to see what we, and they learn.

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Looking for a job? You’ve come to the right place

One of the best things about being a UW graduate is feeling like you’re part of something special. The University of Washington is an amazing place full of amazing people, many of whom stick together. That’s one of the main reasons our career services team works hard to compile job listings and tips for UW alumni each month.

This new program is called Career Services Alerts and it’s free to sign up. There’s no catch, and every month we’ll share with you job openings from employers especially interested in hiring Huskies. Plus, you’ll get networking and job search tips, upcoming events, career-related articles and plenty of resources.

No reason not to if you want to see what’s out there.

Sign up for Career Services Alerts!

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Husky Career Lunch celebrates 10th birthday

Each spring, an impressive roster of alumni and friends come together for the annual Husky Career Lunch. Their role is to answer questions, provide job search tips and generally speak to students about their career fields and areas of expertise. It’s a valuable resource for UW students, and on Wednesday, April 21 the Husky Career Lunch celebrated its 10th anniversary.

A big thanks to our table hosts from Nordstrom, Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and many other companies big and small. Check out this short video interview with table host Micah Blair, a 1999 graduate of UW Bothell who was volunteering for his fifth Husky Career Lunch.

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