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Robert Stacey’s History Lecture Series is a smash

2011 History Lecture Series - UW Alumni AssociationThe UW Alumni Association’s 36th annual History Lecture Series reached its midway point Jan. 18, and we are hearing glowing compliments both for the program and the professor, Dr. Robert Stacey, divisional dean of Arts and Humanities here at UW.

Recently, UW alum Don Harrison wrote a synopsis of the second lecture. It’s always great to hear from a UWAA member, and Don has graciously granted us permission to repost some thoughts from his blog, Confused Ideas From the Northwest Corner:

The child is father to the man, so the saying goes. In the same way, the medieval world gave birth to the modern world of today. To understand why we act the way we do, both as individuals and as nations, we often need to look back to our childhoods.

The UW Alumni Association’s annual History Lecture Series is entitled “Medieval Origins of the Modern Western World.” As a one-time medieval history major myself, I showed up for the sold-out series expecting a rather superficial summation of the more exciting events of the period, a number of anecdotes that might appeal to the average guy who’s been out of school for a while. I was pleasantly surprised.

The series contains just four lectures. I regret having missed the first one, entitled “The Oddity of the Modern West,” while I was in California. This week’s lecture discussed the origins of one such “oddity”: “The Separation of Religion from Politics.” Dr. Stacey’s lecture was one of the best I’ve heard in the years I’ve attended these lectures at the UW. It was well delivered, highly organized, and crammed with information. … As an undergraduate, I took a very good course in political theory, a course that covered these same topics; Dr. Stacey’s single lecture pretty much summed up all the understanding (and more) that I took away from that undergrad class after the finals were over.

So props to the alumni association and to Dr. Stacey. I look forward eagerly to the two remaining lectures, “Limited Government” and “Love and Marriage.”

You can read Don’s full post on his blog.

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A new year means new stories for UW alumni

For me, New Year’s Eve is a big disappointment. Unlike Thanksgiving—in which I expect a big meal and get more that I hoped for—expecations are rarely met on the last night of the calendar year. Hopes are high. The reality is a bit different.

The one thing New Year’s Eve has going for it, however, are the resolutions. I love New Year’s resolutions. Some people hate them, but I look at these as a chance to set goals and start fresh. For example, when I was 13 I wanted to play less video games. My resolution was to find other ways to be creative. Believe it or not, that’s how I started writing.

This year, one of my resolutions is to better connect this blog with the values we all share as UW supporters. That means telling more stories, meeting more graduates, and defining the value of a UW Alumni Association membership. And just like former Husky star Tim Lincecum on the cover of Sports Illustrated, we’re going to be all smiles in 2011.

Did you know there are more UWAA members than UW students? More than 50,000 alumni make this organization one of the nation’s biggest and best, and I’m committed to telling those stories in new and exciting ways. My goal is to show you the value of staying connected to the University of Washington. That’s my resolution, and I’m excited about the prospects.

Happy New Year, Huskies! Let’s make it a great one.


A Husky for life: Why I love the UW

We've always been a UW family.

I grew up a huge Husky football fan and always wanted to play wide receiver for the Dawgs. But it quickly became clear that football just wasn’t in my genes (thanks, Mom and Dad), so I decided to take the next best approach. The University of Washington was the only school I applied to, and if I didn’t get accepted I probably would have taken a year off and tried again. And then again.

I could have been the happiest 40-year-old freshman this place has ever seen. Luckily (and I mean that), I got accepted on the first try. I spent three years covering Husky football for The Daily and graduated in 2004 with a degree in journalism. I took a job covering high school football in Mobile, Ala., and returned to Seattle in the summer of 2007. For the past three years, I have worked for the UW, and I’ve fallen for it all over again. This is my college, my team, my story. And I love it here.

The point is, the UW has been a big part of my life. It’s who I am and it’s what I talk about. Be it the rise and fall of the football team or the Masters degree I’m now pursuing in digital media, this place means something to me. I’m sure it means something to you, too. That feeling, that connection, is what makes us Huskies. It’s what ties us together and allows us to feel good about where we come from and where we are going still.

I work for the UW Alumni Association. My responsibilities include writing copy for the UWAA’s membership program. This is not one of those times. This is from the heart, and it’s for all the Huskies out there who know what I’m talking about when I say the UW will always be a part of me. If you love the UW and believe in that impact, consider joining the UW Alumni Association. Tell ’em Derek sent you.

The membership community is 50,000 strong and growing. Spend a few moments on our website and see if it’s a good fit. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But I’m guessing that a lot of you feel the same way I do about the University of Washington, and we can be proud of that connection.

If you have a moment, share why you love the UW.

Derek Belt
UW Alumni Association


Browse member benefits on your mobile phone

Let’s say you need new luggage. There’s no doubt in your mind that ExOfficio is the place to get it. But you want to make sure there’s an ExOfficio discount for UW Alumni Association members. You’re not going to drive all the way to the store if there isn’t, but you’re not at your computer desk so you can’t be sure.

Oh, yes you can.

Simply head to on your smartphone for a quick look at all your benefits and services. Browse dozens of member perks and see what’s available to you while you’re away from your desk, standing in line at the coffee shop or sitting comfortably on your couch. In this case, just tap “Dawg Deals & Discounts” and scroll down to ExOfficio. Members save 20% off any regular price purchases. What a deal!

See our Membership page for more details, and bookmark

Click the photo above to enlarge.

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Beat the heat with member deals on concerts, golf


Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

It looks like we’re past the 90-degree heat here in Seattle, but there is still plenty of summer left and we have some great outdoors opportunities coming up for UW Alumni Association members.

Save more than $40 on tickets to a pair of Marymoor summer concerts when you purchase 2-for-1 passes to the No Depression Festival on Saturday, Aug. 21 and the Doobie Brothers on Thursday, Aug. 26. No Depression has The Swell Season, Lucinda Williams, The Cave Singers, Punch Brothers, Alejandro Escovedo, Chuck Prophet and Sera Cahoone. The Doobie Brothers, of course, are classic rock legends.

Members also save big at Washington National Golf Course during the month of August. Show your membership card and enjoy 20% off the Monday-Thursday rate, while members playing the course Friday-Sunday get a free appetizer after their round. There is also 10% off all Husky merchandise in the golf shop.

Stay tuned for more great member benefits. Enjoy your summer, Huskies!

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Husky Night with the Seattle Storm: Members save 50% on tickets!

It’s not every day you get to watch history in the making. But that’s exactly what the Seattle Storm are doing right now, having posted a 20-2 record to match the best start in WNBA history.

Friday, July 30 is Husky Night with the Seattle Storm. It’s part of Husky Summer Celebration, and we’ve got a special deal for UW Alumni Association members. Save 50% on tickets—get $39.37 regular price seats for just $20 and watch Sue Bird, Swin Cash and Lauren Jackson (above) take on the Chicago Sky.

Purchase your discounted tickets here. Stay tuned for a report from the game.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Last, Storm Photos.

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Membership: 10% off Clipper Vacations (plus 5 other new perks!)

Just in time for spring, a new batch of goodies for UW Alumni Association members. Save at Jet City Pizza and Qdoba Mexican Grill. Enjoy discounts at Pacific Science Center, Starwood Hotels and 5th Avenue Theater. And, of course, take 10% off all Clipper Vacation packages. Details inside.

We stepped into a new era of member benefits when we decided to manage and operate the Dawg Deals program in house, and what you see here are the first results of that change. These are member benefits we are proud to offer. They are at places you recognize, the benefits are meaningful and the businesses are quality places that befit a UW connection.

Read more…

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