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U District dog defender gets the geese

Photo by Patrick Riley of The Daily.

If you’ve been on the UW Seattle campus in recent years, you’ve probably noticed the geese. They’ve taken a liking to our fair campus and have made themselves right at home. Unfortunately, they leave lots of droppings in their wake.

The Daily has a great story about Tom Finnelly and his dog Jerry. The short-haired pointer loves chasing geese and has proved to be much better at scaring them away than the variety of methods previously used, including scarecrows and grape juice extract. A casual conversation with outgoing UW President Mark Emmert led to Tom and Jerry becoming goose patrol superstars.

Via U District Daily. Photo by Patrick Riley, The Daily.


Meet the Class of 2010′s favorite UW professor

YouTube Preview Image

Each year, we ask the UW seniors to pick their favorite professor and this year the Class of 2010 chose Law, Societies & Justice Professor Jonathan Wender. On Thursday, May 20 he’ll deliver Who Gets the Last Word, which can only be described as a year-end presentation unlike any other.

Here’s a quick video we pieced together introducing Professor Wender to the senior class. The Last Word presentation is May 20 at 6 p.m. in Kane 110.

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UW students start a bonfire near Greek Row

A power outage near campus led UW students to start a bonfire on the corner of 45th Street and 17th Avenue NE late Monday, April 12. Seattle police dispersed the crowd without major incident, and firefighters had the 15-foot-high flames out and the streets cleared by 1:30 a.m.

UW and student leadership harshly criticzed the bonfire on Tuesday, calling it “damaging and irresponsible.” According to The Daily, UW officials may punish students through the University’s disciplinary process, while Seattle Police Department officials said the bonfire will not be ignored.

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The Daily’s best April Fools joke ever

Last year’s April 1 issue of The Daily nearly gave me a heart attack. As a former sports writer there, I was crushed to learn that budget cuts had swallowed the school paper as well. A cruel April Fools joke, indeed.

Seriously, I went to Bartell’s on the Ave to get some Pop Tarts in the morning and there, next to the Seattle Times and the Wall Street Journal, was that day’s copy of The Daily. The front page was a foreboding black and gray with a large picture of the iconic George Washington campus statue. It read “The Last Daily: It finally hit us, too.” It, of course, being the world’s crumbling economy.

My heart sank as my three years of Daily experience flashed through my head. We’d been through so much together. It’s where I honed my craft and what led to my first job. How could a 118-year-old UW staple like The Daily succumb to one year of terrible budget cuts?!

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