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Dear Alumni

What was your favorite place to be on campus? What was special about it?

23 Answers

  1. The HUB. You could meet everyone there from upper campus and lower campus. Since I started in Engineering it was the best place to go beside the library. Very memorable times during my six years at the UofW.

  2. Oh, Gawd. Breakfast at the HUB; Husky Stadium; Montlake Cut; the Quad in Spring; Red Square in the sunshine. How to pick just one? As weird as it is, one of my favorite places to study was down in the Suzzallo basement stacks. When I really had some work to do, that’s where I would go. It may be the most quiet place in the world. They could probably search for neutrinos down there. They’d find a couple making quiet vapor trails in a carrel, trying to get their spirals just right.

  3. IMA building. Working off stress.

  4. Graduate Reading Room at Suzzallo. That’s where I went to REALLY study.

  5. My favorite place on campus was the HUB because I could study, eat and talk to my friends there.

  6. I am an old timer but I have to admit, being on the field of Husky Stadium before the game and during half time as part of the Husky Marching Band was a memory I will NEVER forget. I am still a life time member of the Husky Marching Band Alumni Assoc.

  7. Two great places, the Commons in basement of Raitt Hall during the week for food and studying and visiting, and the Hub on Friday afternoons/nights — music and friends.

  8. The Ethnic Cultural Center. It was the only place on campus that really felt safe for me as a woman of color. It was wear I learned to be a leader and a group member. Where I could be myself and grow. Where I could laugh, cry, express frustration or joy. It was where I met life long friends. The Ethnic Cultural Center is a valuable resource and I wouldn’t be who I am today with out it!

  9. My favorite place on campus in has to be when the big W cherry trees bloom…so vibrant and ostantatous. then sitting under them after all their blossoms fall. It is a blanket of pink snow…so soft and velvety…nothing like it!

  10. The Columns…my girl friend (who became my wife of 53 years) used to go there to eat our lunch…it was beautiful and quiet…

  11. My fraternity house. The UW has a big enough Greek system to allow everyone to find a house they like. It helped me academically and socially.

  12. It no longer exists (darn!) but the third floor lounge in the Health Sciences complex, off the short hallway that goes to the main campus bridge on the third floor. It was a good place to study, nap (real couches to stretch out on)and think because it was always quiet.

  13. My favorite was the Burke Museum cafe. We used to trek up from the Quad at night to grab a giant coffee and a snack, and it made a great place to get warm on cold nights.

  14. Well, my parents were engaged at the Columns but I just love the smell of cherry blossoms.

  15. The Columns and Sylvan Grove–I gather energy and shake off the feeling, “I can’t do this.” My mind goes to the Columns and I think of all that walked through the Columns that accomplished so much. I can’t help but think, “Yes I can!”

  16. I always loved the HUB, where we had raging debates during the Vietnam War . . . but it was outside the main entrance to the HUB where students would gather on warm, sunny days and where I first spotted my future wife as I hung out with a friend. Nearly 34 years have passed since I noticed her sauntering by, and I’ve never forgotten the spot or the moment.

  17. The Suzzallo reading room.

  18. The RedSquare
    Most of my classes were not even near the HUB. So I have to say the…RedSquare!
    I loved eating my lunches around there…esp right in front of administration building (on sunny days, of course) where you could have good views of what’re going there at the moment. It’s like an open air theater/ or a central townsquare to me…. full of life from daily vibrant activities such as dancing, juggling, singing, protesting of some sort or simply just people watching!

  19. Very enjoyable place to be athe HUB at night for a coffee break while studying at the Library. This was back in late 60’s when there was often something going on related to War in Vietnam. There was a special energy or vibe at the HUB regardless of one’s political views….it seemed like an important time in history.

  20. Parnassus for coffee

  21. Loved the Quad during the spring with the cherry blossoms…loved taking a power nap at suzallo library’s reading room, the HUB and lastly the Hec Ed and Husky Stadium.

  22. I loved the HIT Technology Lab. It was fun to play with all the Human Interface Technology equipment and toys. The pattern recognition software for the amino acid molecules and the haptic feedback Dr. suturing software was really fun! I can only imagine the new innovations they have now!

  23. Reading room at Suzzallo!

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