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Elephant Rides & Hip Replacements

February 16th, 2009 by Pauline Ranieri, UW Alumni Tours

Wow – what an exciting day! Looking back it’s hard to believe that we experienced everything we did all in the space of driving to our next hotel. Our drive took us from the state of Tamil Nadu into the state of Kerala. On the way we stopped to see how local bricks were molded and baked; pauline-0011were surrounded by smiling children with their small outstretched hands each hoping to receive a postcard that one of the couples had brought along to pass out; witnessed the making of rope out of coconut husks; joined a local, roadside “sari ceremony” celebration complete with dancers, drums and women carrying platters of fruit; heard the fireworks that marked the ending of a Sunday church service; cruised on the lake in the Periyar Nature Reserve searching for elusive elephants; and then the highlight – riding on an elephant at a spice farm. We discovered that if you’ve had double hip replacements, you pauline-002probably don’t have the hip flexibility to straddle a┬árather wide elephant and you risk getting “stuck” in the process. Some of the facial expressions┬áthat were made as travelers got onto the elephants were absolutely priceless and we laughed all the way to our hotel. Just another day in South India.

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