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Home…And Missing India Already

February 24th, 2009 by Pauline Ranieri, UW Alumni Tours

img_2184I love traveling and yet, I’m always excited to return home too. It’s such a contradiction to miss some of the little things about home like being able to use tap water and knowing that the electricity will most likely run continuously throughout the day. Yet, once I’m home, it’s these same quirky things I will miss about the country I’ve just visited!

The flights home went well until San Francisco. Due to weather issues there, I missed my Seattle connection by minutes and spent four additional hours there trying to find a nice quiet place to make phone calls to family, friends and colleagues to let them know I’d returned safe and sound. Charlie, my beloved canine companion, was excited to see me and just as expected, led me over to the counter where his treats were kept so that I could begin making it up to him for leaving him for two weeks.

img_2057Already, I miss the chaotic scenes and sounds of India and only hope that some day I will return to explore more areas of this truly incredible country!

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