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Bhutan..here I come!

August 6th, 2009 by Pauline Ranieri, UW Alumni Tours

I’ve been accused of being rather blase about my travels. After traveling Dzong-flowersfor more than 25 years as part of my profession, international is no longer a novelty and I simply take it for granted…until now. Bhutan is a destination that has intrigued me for years and I am completely and utterly excited that I am hoping on a plane tomorrow to head that direction. It’s been interesting to announce this trip to family and friends. First, they usually give me a strange look and either ask “which country is that in?” or “isn’t it over by….” to my most favorite reaction provided by my dad. When I told him I was going to Bhutan…he paused…then asked me where the heck Bamboo was!

The next 12 days will be a whirlwind of long flights, rushed sightseeing, and many, many hotel inspections – all in the preparation of finalizing a special tour itinerary to offer to our alumni and friends in the fall of 2010. I hope to have the opportunity to blog while traveling, so stay tuned!

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