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Pearls of Dalmatia – This fall!

March 10th, 2010 by Susan Cathcart, UW Alumni Tours

Dubrovnik Harbor

Dubrovnik is a beautiful seaside city on the Adriatic coast, and at night the ancient walls are illuminated to create a stunning image. There is a unique cliff-side bar located on the outside of the wall where you can watch the sunset, enjoy a cold beverage and look out at the islands..one of my favorite travel moments!  

Other great memories we had was sampling the wonderful gelato in every flavor possible, and on our ferry ride through the islands we were treated to an impromptu  fashion show of jewelry.

Due to popular demand we are repeating this tour again this fall. Click here to view the Pearls of Dalmatia home page and brochure. If you are interested in visiting a beautiful destination where sun, ocean, lavender fields  and wonderful food are all on the menu, then this is the trip for you!

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