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Maximize your frequent flyer miles

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Have you wondered why and how airlines designate specific numbers of seats for their frequent flyer members? Especially elusive are the  economical  seats where you can fly anywhere domestically for 25,000 miles.  I know I’ve been frustrated trying to negotiate websites and wrangling with customer service representatives trying to get an airline ticket I can use, at the mileage I can afford. 

I  get some  of my best ‘travel’ tips while reading the newspaper every day, and this morning was no exception. An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal spells out what airlines are stingy and what airlines do the best job of catering to their membership. There are also great tips on how to be strategic in utilizing your miles.   I know I ‘ve learned some valuable skills I can use this summer and I think you will too!