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Historic Reflections – Memories

June 18th, 2010 by Pauline Ranieri, UW Alumni Tours

I love hearing from our travelers about their trip experiences and the moments that made a trip truly special for them. Here’s what John and Sonja Cowan told us when asked what would be their best, long-lasting memory of their recent Mediterranean cruise:

 Hard to pick….visits with new people…tours of Ephesus, Turkey, Rome? Or maybe Siena where we magically found the ceramic shop we had been to some ten plus years ago and bought additional dishes – from the very same shop owner who waited on us way back when….what a day that was!

Bagnareggio, Italy

Now how fabulous is that? These are the very moments that make traveling so heart-warming and leave us just itching to pack our bags for another trip.

And thank you to Ellen Kaufmann who shared a couple of wonderful trip photos with us. This hilltop town in Italy looks like an amazing discovery!

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