J. Nathan Kutz’s Research

Research Topics

Nonlinear waves and coherent structures

Current Projects

Phase sensitive amplifier
Stability of optical problems
Waveguide arrays
Mode-Locking with passive polarizers
Mathematical neuroscience

Group Members


Kutz Research Group

Nathan Kutz
Eli Shlizerman
Pedro Maia
Matthew Williams
Simon Hachey
Kyle Luh
Colin McGrath
(Former Members)

Group Focus

The Kutz research group is interested in a unified approach to applied mathematics which includes modeling, computation and analysis. The area of current interest concerns phenomena in the optical sciences: laser dynamics and modelocking in fiber lasers, soliton propagation and mode-coupling dynamics for optical fiber communications, and pattern formation and stability of optical structures in optical parametric oscillators. Mathematically, the analysis and computation of the above phenomena naturally fall within the context of the methods of contemporary dynamical systems, nonlinear wave propagation, perturbation and asymptotic methods, and bifurcation theory applied to the underlying nonlinear differential equations and partial differential equations.