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Mission Statement

The goal of the SIAMUW Math Fair is to excite young students about math by presenting them with captivating activities that combine math with science or everyday activities. To that aim, we provide activities that allow the students to engage in open-ended problem solving, and critical thinking. A complementary objective is to give graduate students an opportunity to present their research interests to a young audience, and communicate their passion for science and math to a young audience.

What is Math Fair?

Math fair is a thrice-yearly day-long activity that brings graduate students from the University of Washington to Seattle-area elementary schools, to engage in a day-long activities fair. The fair is composed of several math-exploration-based activities that run concurrently, and are staffed with a number of graduate student volunteers. Our fantastic volunteers enable a very low student/teacher ratio (3- or 4-to-one), and provide an interactive and math-positive learning environment.

Math Fair Graduate Volunteers

About Us

We are graduate students in Applied Math ( with some of our friends from Mechanical Engineering ( In our graduate research we aim to both develop new mathematical tools as well as solve real world problems. These fairs grew out of the University of Washington's GK-12 ( program where we started developing the math activities. All the work for these fairs is done on a volunteer basis and we love every minute of it!

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