Computational Models in Biology
AMATH 422/522

MATLAB will be the "official" course language this year (some R materials still available as an optional bonus).

MW 4:30-5:50

Room B027; of ICL lab, Communications Building

Images: Terrence Sanger, Medical College of Georgia, Steve Coombes, Yulia Timofeeva.

Professor Eric Shea-Brown
Guggenheim 415F
Office hours: M 10:30-11:30

Important: AMATH 422/522 W13 Discussion Board (link through here + netid)


Description and Objectives

In AMATH 422/522, you will learn about models that arise in the life sciences and how they're analyzed using modern mathematical and computational techniques. We will cover statistical models, discrete- and continuous- time dynamical models, and stochastic models. Applications will sample a wide range of scales, from biomolecules to population dynamics, with an emphasis on common mathematical concepts and computational techniques. Throughout, our themes will include interpretation of existing data and predictions for new experiments.

MATLAB (see more below) will be used for numerical computation, visualization, and data analysis -- and mathematical tools taught in parallel with their computational implementation. No prior programming experience is assumed.

This course is designed for students in a wide variety of departments and with backgrounds across the sciences. We assume only that we are starting with a working knowledge of calculus , together with a desire to learn more about the underlying science, mathematics, or both.