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AMTAS Autumn 2012 Meeting

Date: October 31, 2012
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location: University of Washington, HUB Lyceum
  Seattle, WA

Overview | Agenda | Presentations | Attendees


Presenter: Presentation Title:
Mark Tuttle, AMTAS Director AMTAS/JAMS Overview
Acrobat file, 222 KB
Tomas Pribanic for
Dwayne McDaniel, FIU
Effect of Surface Contamination on Composite Bond Integrity and Durability
Acrobat file, 5.2 MB
Ashley Tracey/Brian Flinn, UW Improving Adhesive Bonding of Composites through Surface Characterization
Acrobat file, 1.7 MB
Dan Adams, U of U Durability of Adhesively Bonded Joints for Aircraft Structures
Acrobat file, 857 KB
Kay Blohowiak, The Boeing Co. Adhesive Bonding Industry Feedback
Acrobat file, 1.2 MB
John Parmigiani, OSU Failure of Notched Laminates under Out-of-Plane Bending
Acrobat file, 4.9 MB
Kuen Lin, UW Delamination/Disbond Arrest Features in Aircraft Composite Structures
Acrobat file, 1.6 MB
Dan Adams, U of U Development and Evaluation of Fracture Mechanics Test Methods for Sandwich Composites
Acrobat file, 3.1 MB
Brian Head/Mark Tuttle, UW Certification of Discontinuous Composite Material Forms for Aircraft Structures
Acrobat file, 4.0 MB
Paolo Feraboli, UW Crashworthiness of Composite Structures: Experiment and Simulation
Acrobat file, 954 KB
Brian Flinn, UW Composite Thermal Damage Measurement with Handheld FT-IR
Acrobat file, 11.5 MB
Ashley Emery, UW Optimizing Composite Repair by Tailored Heat Sources
Acrobat file, 412 KB
Larry Ilcewicz, FAA FAA Safety Awareness Course Developments
Acrobat file, 316 KB
Mostafa Rassaian, The Boeing Co. Industry Feedback
Acrobat file, 166 KB
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