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Seattle Guide:
Fun in Seattle

The Pacific Northwest has a varied climate and culture. This makes for an interesting vacation and living spot for outdoors enthusiasts and people interested in cross-cultural cuisine and the arts. Working at the University of Washington is an added bonus.


Looking for evening fun after a hard day's work? All the hospitals served by the Department of Anesthesiology are located near downtown, sometimes within walking distance of museums, concert halls, and galleries, as well as very good restaurants, taverns and dance clubs.

The first Thursday of every month is the time to tour the galleries between historic Pioneer Square of Seattle to the Belltown area north of Pike Place Market. Along the way, you can sit down for a meal at many distinctive restaurants. Seattle Citysearch noted over 20 romantic dining spots along the gallery corridor.

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Outdoor Fun

Want to burn off excess energy? Seattle has many ways to accomodate you!

Bounded by the Puget Sound on the west, Lake Washington on the east and bisected by Lake Union and a man-made canal, Seattle is known for its water activities, both on the water and below. Sailing and boating is a favored pastime, so much so that there are festivals marking the occasion. If scuba diving is to your style, the Pacific coast is a paradise. Grab a wet suit and join a club! Several faculty in the department are avowed fly fishermen, and the mountain streams and lakes in the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges provide excellent trout and salmon fishing.

Venturing into the wild is easy in the Northwest. Many staff hike in the mountains, snowboard, ski or even rockclimb. Some major ski resorts and camping areas are little more than an hour's drive away from Seattle.

If you don't have time to drive, being a University employee has its perks. Employees and their spouse or same sex domestic partner can get discounts for membership at the University Imtramural Activities Center.   The center has a golf range, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, canoeing and sailing and all the ammenities you would expect of a University fitness center.

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Bothic Basin
Gothic Basin

Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters from Mt. Baker

Mt. Rainier  National Park waterfall
Mt. Rainier Natl. Park waterfall

Photos courtesy of Dr. Robert Grieve, MB ChB, FANCZA


Leaving Seattle

As nice as Seattle is, sometimes it's just good to go somewhere else for the weekend. Below are some places you might like to explore outside of Seattle if you are on vacation: