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Residency Training Program:
Bonica Scholars Program

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine has created a six year training program intended to increase the number of anesthesiology residents that pursue training in research. This program is designed for individuals who wish to undertake an academic career devoted to research after completing a standard four year anesthesiology residency. The "Bonica Scholars Program" is named for John Bonica, the first chair of anesthesiology at University of Washington and a pioneer in the fields of anesthesiology and pain medicine.

Program Description

Under this program, a small number of awards (1 or 2 each year depending on availability of funding) will be made to incoming residents who demonstrate an interest in research and a willingness to commit to continue their careers in the department after completing their ACGME residency training (and any subsequent fellowship training) to undertake two years of further training in research.

Bonica Scholars will enter the program through a separate match track and will enter as CBY residents (Interns) in the "4 year" program. They will receive an annual award of $10 000 during each of the CA1, CA2 and CA3 years of the residency training and if appropriate, for a UW ACGME approved clinical fellowship position provided the fellowship training period follows immediately after the CA3 year and is conducted at the University of Washington. The annual award will not be made during the Clinical Base Year (CBY/Internship).

The receipt of the annual award is contingent upon the Bonica Scholar excelling in his/her clinical training and didactic education, remaining in good standing during their residency training, and demonstrating a continuing commitment to research.

In order to remain in good standing in the residency program, all residents must satisfy the ACGME, ABA and UW program essential requirements, these are described in detail in the UW Anesthesiology Resident Manual and are available on request.

To demonstrate a continuing commitment to research Bonica Scholars are expected to participate in activities such as the research fellows’ journal club, lectures and seminars related to research, and activities arranged for visiting professors. Bonica Scholars are also encouraged to develop relationships with members of the research faculty both within and outside the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, and pursue opportunities to become involved in research activities as far as the residency program requirements and departmental duty hours policy allow. Bonica Scholars will be offered opportunities to attend regional and national meetings including the ASA FAER scholars program, Western Anesthesia Residents Program and other research centered activities.

Bonica Scholars are not expected to perform research work during residency or to undertake any extra lab work or other studies during their post-call or other scheduled days off during their standard 4 years of ACGME residency training.

Additional Information

Please call, email or write if you need additional information or assistance. Contact Louena Goodwin: 206-543-2773, fax 206-543-2958,

Our program is indexed on the AMA's Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database (FREIDA). Go to FREIDA and search for our program using our 10-digit identifier: 0405421161