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10th Annual Academic Evening Highlights
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dinner Meeting & Poster Presentations

The Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine held our tenth annual Academic Evening on Tuesday,
May 23rd, 2017. This event showcased department resident, fellow, CRNA, and junior faculty academic productivity (clinical and basic science research, case reports and education initiatives).

2017 Academic Evening Winners

Winners of 10th Annual Academic Evening

  • Judy Su Clinical Science
    Charles W Carspecken; Anna Borisovskaya; Shu-Tsui Lan; Daniel Raftery; Irene Rozet: Metabolic Biomarkers and Outcomes in the Ketamine Anesthesia for Improvement of Depression Trial

  • Judy Su Basic Science
    Renjini Ramadasan Nair; Jessica Hui, BS; Philip Morgan; Margaret Sedensky: Glial-Specific Knockout of a Mitochondrial Protein Increases Anesthesia-induced Neural Inertia

  • Second Place Winner
    Nophanan Chaikittisilpa; Monica S. Vavilala; G. Burkhard Mackensen; Edward F. Gibbons; Vijay Krishnamoorthy; et al: Speckle Tracking Analysis of Left Ventricular Systolic Function following Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Third Place Winner
    Cornelius Groenewald and Tonya Palermo: Genotype & Phenotype Underlying The Longitudinal Relationship Between Chronic Pain & Opioid Misuse

  • Honorable Mention Winners
    Chi Fung Lee, PhD; Arianne Caudal; G A Nagana Gowda, PhD; Lauren Abell; Rong Tian: Elevation of NAD+ Levels as Therapy for Leigh Syndrome by Normalizing Pseudohypoxic Signaling

    Chun-Ling Sun; C. Michael Crowder; Wang Wang; Huiliang Zhang; Meng Liu: A Screen For Protective Drugs Against Delayed Hypoxic Injury

    Kenneth A. Schenkman; Faith J. Ross; D. Michael McMullan; Michael J. Richards; Jeremy Geiduschek; et al: Muscle Oxygenation in Children with Congenital Heart Disease