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Research Focus Areas:
Medical Training & Patient Education

Ask Me Where It Hurts: Developing a Standardized Approach to the Assessment of Pain in Children and Youth Presenting to Pediatric Rheumatology Providers

Principal Investigators

J. Stinson, M.D., G. Walco, Ph.D.


Developing a standardized approach to the assessment of pain in children and youth presenting to pediatric rheumatology providers. He and/or his research assistant will obtain informed consent, obtain baseline data on participants (demographic and disease-related characteristics including diagnosis, length of illness, physician and patient/parent global rating of severity of illness), and then ask participants on complete the pain assessment using three mediums: paper-and-pencil, internet-enabled desktop computer, or palmtop computer. Participants will be asked to complete the pain measures on each medium prior to seeing their health care professional (nurse, doctor, PT) during a regularly scheduled clinic visit. The information from the measures will be provided in paper format to the pediatric rheumatologist and other health care providers prior to the clinic appointment. Following the clinic visit, the participants and pediatric rheumatologists/health care providers will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire on the acceptability of the pain measure and method of administering the questionnaire.

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