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HSD Information Sessions

HSD Information Sessions arrow POSTPONED until 2015!

Human Subjects needs to postpone the information sessions that were to occur this fall. Be on the lookout for these to be rescheduled for early 2015.


Posted: 9/15/14 | Updated: 10/14/14

Revised Injury Compensation Program

The Injury Compensation Program that has been available to research subjects needing medical care for injuries caused by UW research is changing. Primary changes are 1) a $250,000 cap on the value of the free medical care, 2) restriction of the program to healthy volunteers, 3) a new name: the Human Subjects Assistance Program (HSAP), 4) development of a HSAP Information Sheet to distribute to subjects, and 5) revised language in the Compensation for Injury section of the UW standard consent template. The previous version of the program will continue to be applied to already-approved studies, as described in their consent forms.

Human Subjects Assistance Program: the detailed full description of the program.
HSAP Information Sheet: a summary that describes the program and may be distributed to subjects.

Source: eNews IRB Review 9/8/14

Posted: 9/15/14

Central IRB

NIH is increasingly likely to require a central IRB as a condition of an award, because it increases efficiency, reduces overall trial start-up time, and decreases duplicative efforts that do not contribute to meaningful human subjects protection. However, the UW IRB is not currently in a position to be able to serve as the central IRB for a group of institutions due to the significant cost and staff-intensive nature. It is important to carefully read the federal funding announcement to identify requirements related to IRB review. If you plan to apply as the PI for a multi-site award that requires/strongly encourages the use of a central IRB, please consult with the HSD Director as soon as possible for assistance.

Source: eNews IRB Review 9/8/14

Posted: 9/15/14

IRB Performance Metrics

Median turn-around times:

  • Full IRB review: 59 days (n=86 applications)
  • Minimal risk review: 31 days (n=387 applications)
    • Use of Identifiable Specimens/Data: 17 days (n=114 applications)
  • Exempt Status: 5 days (n=266 applications)

Source: HSD Metrics Report #20 (reporting period 1/1/14 - 6/30/14)

Posted: 9/15/14

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