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2014 Retreat

Pre-Retreat Grand Rounds

collage of photos from 2014 faculty retreat

8:10-9:30 - Opening Panel

  1. Improving Quality of Care in Health Care - M Vavilala PDF
  2. High reliability organizations in health care - R Pauldine PDF
  3. The IHI model for change¬† An OR case study from Children’s - L Martin PDF
  4. Hospital quality and physician performance metrics - J Bramhall PDF
  5. Why should we teach quality improvement techniques - K Souter PDF
  6. CBY-Q&S-curriculum - K Souter PDF

9:45-10:45 - Focus Groups

Focus Group 1: Team communication and culture

  1. ISIS Teamwork and Team Communication - B Ross PDF

Focus Group 2: Improving clinical care through process

  1. Lean Methodology Promotes Patient Safety - M Reed PDF
  2. Advancing Medication Safety with New Anesthesia Drug Administraion System - S Jelacic PDF

Focus Group 3: Engagement of faculty and residents in CQI and patient

  1. CBY-QS-curriculum - K Souter PDF
  2. Mentoring residents through CQI projects - C Kent PDF
  3. Understanding the QI landscape in UW Medicine - I Slade PDF

Focus Group 4:  Quality and safety registries

  1. Quality and Safety Registries and Research - K Posner PDF
  2. Institutional and multi-institutional IT-based research - B Nair PDF
  3. Patient-Reported Outcomes in Quality Improvement Research - B. Theodore PDF

11:00-12:00 - Future Directions in Quality and Patient Safety for the Department (GB Mackensen, moderator, K Domino, scribe)

* Each of the focus groups will present a 5 minute summary with bullet points of the focus group discussions, followed by entire faculty discussion. The goal of the session is to develop a Departmental action plan for 2014.