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Faculty Sick Leave/FMLA Information & Forms

The University of Washington Academic Human Resources (AHR) recently updated their process and forms for Faculty Paid Sick Leave and Family Medical Leave Act policies. This site provides detailed information for Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine faculty and academic staff who require sick leave and/or FMLA.

Questions can be directed to:
Andrea McAuliff, HR Administrator
phone: 206-685-1314

Faculty Sick Leave/FMLA Forms


When need for sick leave is identified, faculty and academic staff members need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete Departmental Request form via Catalyst:
  2. Using the appropriate Health Care Provider statement form, complete Part 1.
  3. Provide appropriate Health Care Provider form to your HCP and request they forward directly to AHR.
  4. Communicate with Andrea McAuliff regarding any changes to your leave as appropriate.


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