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AIMS Reports

Reports for administrators, for individual staff, and operational.

NEW Catalyst Survey Site for Newsletter Submissions

Effective immediately: please use our new Catalyst survey to submit stories, publications, and associated media for inclusion in the newsletter. The survey confirmation page provides a link to our drop box, where you can upload photos and graphics.

Travel Reimbursements

UW Travel Reimbursements are processed using the Ariba eTravel Online System. After submitting your expenses for reimbursement, you will receive two e-mails from the Ariba Administrator. Please do not reply directly to these automated e-mails.

  1. The first e-mail will be "Watcher Notification." This is to advise you that your travel reimbursement has been submitted. You may double click on the Open icon located in the body of the email to review your reimbursement. Sign in using your UW NetID and password. If there are any discrepancies, please contact CAROL CROWELL at 616-6245 or
  2. The second e-mail will be "Action Required." Double click on the Open icon located in the body of the email. This will bring you to the Ariba system where you will need to APPROVE your travel reimbursement BEFORE it can be processed.

If you would rather not receive e-mails, please refer to the eTravel website at and review the guidelines on: How to Change E-mail Preferences & How to Approve (found on T & E Dashboard).

NOTE: Web Pine Users will need to enter the right arrow key twice to open these e-mails in web format.

FOR QUESTIONS, please contact: CAROL CROWELL at 616-6245 or

Maps & Directions

Department Libraries

Hornbein Library

The Hornbein Library (BB-1444) includes a collection of textbooks (alcove, middle of the south wall) and historical volumes and new additions (glass cabinets at the back of the room). To borrow any of the books, please contact Julie Baker, Room #BB1415 (543-2475 or

Commons Library

The Commons library (BB-1428) includes donated books of fiction and general interest. Please respect the honor system; i.e., borrow a book and return it so that someone else can read it. To donate, simple send books to Julie Baker, Box 356540.

Conference Room Reservations

BB1444 and BB1416 are available via the UW Outlook Exchange server.  For availability, search for “rooms/resources” and the names of the rooms:  ANESTH BB1444 or ANESTH BB1416.  If you are not on Outlook Exchange, or if you need help, contact Julie Baker, 543-2475 or or Fred Hilerio, 221-2986 or
*NOTE: The Chair’s Office has priority consideration for use of BB1416.

To reserve in Outlook:

  1. Open a new meeting
  2. Click on "To…"
  3. Type "Anesth" in search box. 

 A list of rooms and resources will display.

Reservations Must Include:

  • Title of the Meeting;
  • Coordinator & contact name(s);
  • E-mail address & phone number

After Hours Use:

After 5:00 pm, the individual in charge of the meeting will need to turn out lights and lock the doors when the meeting is ended; or they will be held responsible for theft and/or damages.

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