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Spring 2012

From the Chair

Photo of Bettina Shell-DuncanThis time of year is absolutely my favorite at the University of Washington. The start of Spring Quarter and the blossom of the cherry trees are but two ways this campus springs to life once again. And after two busy quarters, much has come to fruition in the Department of Anthropology as well, including promotions for sociocultural anthropologist Sasha Welland, an internationally recognized feminist scholar, and archaeologist Marcos Llobera, a leading innovator of computational methods for the analysis of archaeological data. Other faculty and staff news, as well as the accomplishments of our graduate students, are, featured in this edition of AnthropoLog. Read more from Bettina Shell-Duncan.


Don Grayson Named to the National Academy of Sciences

Photo of Professor Don GraysonDonald K. Grayson, UW Professor of Anthropology and world-renowned archaeologist, has become the first current member of our department to be named to the National Academy of Sciences. For decades, Professor Grayson has been a pioneer in uncovering the interrelationships between prehistoric peoples and the living landscapes that support them. He demonstrated that Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals had greater similarity in their diets and lifestyles than was previously believed; the results, which have now been replicated by others, helped rewrite our understanding of how these two beings co-existed, and ultimately how one prevailed. Read article.


Depth of Field:
Anthropology Through the Lens

Maasai warriors divide the meat of a slaughtered cow during a Warrior Graduation CeremonyNepalese medical camps, American military video games, IV drug use in Ukraine, Granada's island archaeology, hair salons in Anhui Province, China, signalling theory in Peru, and reproductive endocrinology in the Bolivian Amazon. Believe it or not, they all having something in common--anthropology. And while we might focus our attention on what anthropologists produce in the way of texts, anthropologists also increasingly call on visual media as part of their research. With that in mind, the Department of Anthropology Diversity Committee has sponsored a year-long photo exhibit of students' visual work in the field from all over the world. Read article.


Welcome Michael Vicente Pérez

Photo of man hanging over the side of a dumpsterProfessor Michael Vicente Pérez, our newest faculty member, became interested in Palestine studies. after the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada in 2000, hoping that an ethnographic account of violence in Palestine/Israel could reveal a more accurate story behind the surge in bloodshed. At the UW, Professor Pérez has developed a suite of new courses including Memory and Violence, Peoples and Cultures of the Islamic Middle East, Islam and Popular Culture, and Anthropological Perspectives on Ethnicity. Read article.