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Spring 2013

Careers in Anthropology: Five Examples

An anthropologist at NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center. The head of a Seattle-based strategy and design studio.Specialists working on global health issues in developling countries. The director of the UW's Office of International Programs and Exchanges. What do all these Anthropology alumni have in common? Their anthropology degree has informed their career choices.

Photo of Karma Norman on a NOAA research vessle Karma Norman’s career as an anthropologist is the result of both an extended fishing expedition and a shifting tide in the management of U.S. coasts and marine life. Read article.

Entrance to Debre Marcos Zonal Hospital, a major hospital in Ethiopia With a strong commitment to applied anthropology, Letitia Reason was one of the early students to foray into the pairing of biocultural anthropology and global health. . Read article.

Photo of Michelle Barry Michelle Barry uses her anthropology training to lead projects aimed at better understanding how people relate to companies, products and experiences. Read article.

Peter Moran at Taklung Gon, central Tibet.Although Peter Moran majored in anthropology as an undergraduate, it was not until his junior year that he began to understand what much of the discipline was about. Read article.

Tony with Indian colleagues at the 24th International Papillomavirus Conference, Beijing, 2007Tony Cagle fell into public health research by accident, having secured a position with King County Public Health in 1990 to support himself through the dissertation process. Read article.