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Spring 2013

From the Chair

Photo of Janelle S. TaylorWith graduation approaching, this issue of AnthropoLog highlights and celebrates some of the surprising and inspiring paths that our students, faculty, and alumni have followed, including five stories about alumni who have drawn upon their anthropological knowledge and skills in different interesting careers. Several alumni recently returned to campus to share their insights and ideas with current undergraduate anthropology majors in a very popular Career Night event. Read Janelle Taylor's complete letter.


Holly Barker Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

Photo of Professor Holly BarkerCongratulations to Holly Barker for her UW 2013 Distinguished Teaching Award! It is evident to those who know her why Holly, lecturer in anthropology, was selected. Her teaching evaluations routinely receive straight 5.0 scores—by far the highest in the department—but numbers alone do not convey the love her students feel for her. Their comments on her course evaluations consistently attest to the tremendous impact she has on transforming their lives. Read article.


Careers in Anthropology: Five Examples

Karma Norman on a NOAA research vessel, Seattle WAAn anthropologist at NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center. The head of a Seattle-based strategy and design studio. Specialists working on global health issues in developing countries. The director of the UW's Office of International Programs and Exchanges. What do all these anthropology alumni have in common? Their anthropology degree has informed their career choices. Read article.


Dan Eisenberg: Genetic Benefits
of Older Parents

Photo of Dan EisenbergA parent's age when conceiving a child may have a host of consequences for that child later in life. Dan Eisenberg, newly hired faculty member in the department, offers some particularly good news for those born to an older father: they may have genetic advantages for a longer, healthier life. Key to his research are telomeres, the pieces of repeated DNA at the end of our chromosomes. Read article.


The World as Classroom

Photo of two students standing in a classroomAs engaging as anthropology courses on campus may be, nothing beats having a field experience. The department offers plenty of field opportunities for students, from an archeaology field school to study abroad courses. This issue of AnthropoLog highlights three current anthropology offerings: exploration seminars in Tahiti and South Africa, and a new agroecology and permaculture field school on a Colorado farm. Read article.