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Spring 2013

Daris Swindler Fellowship Awarded to
Leah Isquith

Photo of Leah IsquithLeah Isquith, a first-year student in Biocultural Anthropology, has received the Daris Swindler Endowed Fellowship this year. Leah’s work will explore how the demographic shift from rural to urban living influences women’s social networks, food security, and child feeding strategies among indigenous families in Guatemala. Leah is hoping to understand how families reconcile the costs of migration and hazards of urban life with the perceived long-term benefits. Her work also explores the possibility that rural-to-urban migration leads to the formation of more heterogeneous social networks with regard to socio-economic status, education, and cultural practices. She plans to analyze the impact of social networks on ideas about feeding practices, including nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and complementary foods for infants. Leah’s research will contribute to applied nutritional anthropology and migration research, with the goal of helping to inform policy decisions.