Graduate Program

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington is comprised of three principal anthropological sub-fields with which its faculty, programs, and curriculum are associated:

The department also offers a specialization in medical anthropology and global health which applicants can pursue within one of the traditional PhD track programs. Additionally, we have developed a concurrent MPH/PhD degree program with the departments of Epidemiology, Global Health, and Health Services. 

Although graduate students may take courses in any subdiscipline (and any department in the university), applicants wishing to be considered for admission to the Department of Anthropology choose only one of these programs: archaeology, biocultural anthropology, or sociocultural anthropology. Graduate student pursuing a PhD in anthropology may also consider completing a certificate program in conjunction with the degree including a Statistics Concentration in Anthropology. A partial list of certificate programs can be found on the Graduate School website.

Course description information may be found in the University of Washington Course Catalog .

Information about current faculty members in the department is available on the following website.

For information on funding sources, including teaching assistantships, training fellowships, and dissertation funding visit our Fellowships and Funding pages.

To receive further information about graduate programs in anthropology, please contact the Graduate Program Advisor at or (206) 685-1562.